Good Vibrations Mobile Listening Kit

Published on 07.02.2016 in [objects]

The Good Vibrations Mobile Listening Device allows users to tap into of the least audible sounds of a city. With the use of a custom handmade contact microphone, the user can tune in to subtle acoustic vibrations in the environment and explore the city's cracks and surfaces. A field guide for urban listening directs users to acoustic 'points of interest.'

The mobile listening kits are custom-designed, featuring hand-made audio amplifier circuits inside orange fanny packs for hands-free usability.

Each mobile listening kit comes with a contact microphone and instructional guide.

Kits are available for purchase at ThinkingHz


Published on 07.02.2016 in [objects]

Sirens are inexpensive (~$3.75) sound installations. They are public,
site-specific, solar powered and easy to assemble.


Solar panel - $0.55

40106/74C14 IC - $0.50

1uf capacitor - $0.20

Photocell - $1.15

Speaker - $1.10

Magnet - $0.75

(not including spare wires, solder, soldering iron, and hot glue)

Inspired by Evan Roth's LED throwies, Laura Plana Gracia's solar sound boths
workshops, and Max Neuhaus.

Group of Sirens