Good Vibrations Mobile Listening Kit

Published on 07.02.2016 in [objects]

The Good Vibrations Mobile Listening Device allows users to tap into of the least audible sounds of a city. With the use of a custom handmade contact microphone, the user can tune in to subtle acoustic vibrations in the environment and explore the city's cracks and surfaces. A field guide for urban listening directs users to acoustic 'points of interest.'

The mobile listening kits are custom-designed, featuring hand-made audio amplifier circuits inside orange fanny packs for hands-free usability.

Each mobile listening kit comes with a contact microphone and instructional guide.

Kits are available for purchase at ThinkingHz


Published on 07.02.2016 in [objects]

Harvester is a hand-held, portable live sampler that lets you make music with everyday sounds. With the instrument, you are able to capture sounds around you (your voice, another musical instrument, environmental noises etc.). The instrument provides an interface that lets you play back the sampled sound based around a musical, pentatonic scale. This allows for a wildly expressive sonic palette that can be used for musical performance and sound art installations.

Harvester on Github


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Sirens are inexpensive (~$3.75) sound installations. They are public,
site-specific, solar powered and easy to assemble.


Solar panel - $0.55

40106/74C14 IC - $0.50

1uf capacitor - $0.20

Photocell - $1.15

Speaker - $1.10

Magnet - $0.75

(not including spare wires, solder, soldering iron, and hot glue)

Inspired by Evan Roth's LED throwies, Laura Plana Gracia's solar sound boths
workshops, and Max Neuhaus.

Group of Sirens