Transients at Yami Ichi

Published on 12.01.2016 in [transients]

I just came across this article, sent to me from Miyu Hosoi.

Its from a year ago and its pretty short but I think its pretty cool! Link and translation below:

Link to article: インターネットヤミ市 in NY!フォトレポート! by tadahi

TRANSIENTS by Johann Diedrick
「Send audio messages around the world wide web in virtual bottles」

オーディオメッセージをバーチャルなボトルに詰めて、world wide webに投げ込む!

Audio messages are placed inside virual bottles and thrown into the world wide web!


I thought there was a lot of nuance in the work.


The length is determined by the different bottles which have a different prices.


After choosing your bottle, the sound is recorded and the user shakes their
phone, as if they are throwing it, and the sound is placed on a map.


Johann was also an intern at YCAM about two years ago. He is an artist and


Sound installations, which is artwork relating to sound, is the center of his