Week 11: Buffer

Published on 03.20.2020 in [rc]

This was our first week of Remote RC. I spent most of the week adjusting to this new normal, trying to create some positive habits while working from home (still getting up at 7am and going for a bike ride, stopping work around 7pm). There were some highs and lows this week - I think everything is day-to-day right now. All said, I did accomplish a few good things this week.

I made some progress on Whisp v2, and I'm at a point now where I can finally get audio data out of Expo's AV library (albeit kind of crudely). Hopefully by the end of next week I can show of something intesting like doing a STFT with that data. Follow along on the Whisp app repo.

Here are some links on some on-going research on getting audio data in Expo/React Native:

Research on Whisp V2:
Building an instrument tuner

Base 64 to Binary

base64 string to ArrayBuffer

audio to base64

Read binary file as base64



Linear PCM Format Setting

expo-av Audio class

expo-av FileSystem class

Core Audio Format


JS ArrayBuffer class

Otherwise this week I started up fastai's 4th version of Deep Learning for Coders, while working on finishing up part 2 of their previous version. I'm kind of behind but trying to keep up!

This week I also watched more of MIT's 6.006 - mostly on Dynamic Programming this week. A lot of it I think will only make sense with practice, so I'm excited to start doing more dynamic programming problems and go back to these videos as reference in the future.

Next week is my last week at RC :( I'm hoping to just keep coding and working on my projects up until the last day. Maybe I'll try streaming in Twitch? Heh. We'll see. By next week I hope to 1) Finish 6.006 lecture! 2) Be caught up on Fastai lessons 3) Have STFT working in JS