Week 12: Offset

Published on 03.27.2020 in [rc]

This was my last week in batch at the Recurse Center, and what an experience this has been :). I'm so thankful for the community and what we were able to do these past two weeks in making remote RC work so well. I'm grateful for everyone at RC, including the faculity, everyone in batch, and the supportive alumni community. As we say here, we "never graduate", so this isn't the end of my time at RC, just the end of a long beginning on-boarding process into the RC community.

I spent most of my programming time this week working on my real-time audio classifier mobile app in Expo/React Native. I spent most of my time trying to understand the capabilities of Expo's expo-av library. Audio data isn't easily accessbile, so I had to figure out how to save an audio file, and load it back as binary data. I was able to get that far, and wanted to try drawing the audio signal to the screen. Unfortunately I had a lot of difficulty with this, due to the fact that most documentation I came across doesn't use stateless functional components, so I had trouble converting those examples to this more modern React Native paradigm.

Here are some drawing/2d canvas references I came across:

Canvas drawing in React Native:


I also did to some work getting my JS development environment set up (installing ctags /JS plugins for vim) so I could code a bit more comfortably.

Ctags / JS development:


This was also my last week watching video lecture's for MIT's 6.006 couse, Introduction to Algorithms! It was such a solid class, I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to studying more during my time at Pioneer Works, now with this foundational material under my belt :)

Alas, this is my last write up for my time at RC. Its been real! I'm looking forward to staying involved with the RC community. Never graduate!